Nick deWilde offers a comprehensive guide of community builders that aim to create lasting, impactful organizations. Informed by his experience building, managing, and participating in a range of thriving communities, deWilde tells readers how impactful groups are structured. Chock-full of nuanced advice, deWilde’s article goes deeper than your typical community-building how-to. Much of his expertise relates to a community’s members as a driving force; he asserts that member quality determines community success. He provides categories for prospective members (Adders, Subtractors, Dividers and Multipliers) that serve to aid community leaders in selecting the right members. 

If detailed expert advice and organized visual aids are your thing, be sure to read this piece from Nick deWilde. Pro tips and easy-to-follow yet incredibly powerful strategies abound in this article. It’s a great read for anyone designing or revamping their community beyond its surface-level aspects, like platforms and content.

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