Hello, members and potential members!

As we end 2023 and head into 2024, we’d like to take a moment to unfurl the curtain and tell you more about what’s ahead and what’s in store. We have so many exciting things planned for you all in 2024, and I hope you’ll enjoy the ride with us.

Our Mission

In the simplest terms, let’s begin with who we and our members are. CLI members come from diverse backgrounds consisting of professionals with a shared objective: to elevate and transform the realms of community, marketing, events, customer success, and customer experience. They see the customer or client as central to the mission of creating memorable and lasting connections to achieve positive business outcomes for their organizations.

Our goal is to empower, inspire, uplift and enlighten our membership through comprehensive resources, structured and unstructured networking opportunities, courses and advanced training, and curated events. Our members in return, will be at the forefront of industry innovation and best practices.

We are about education to grow in your career, with a couple of essential aspects guiding us:

Global and Local
We are focused on ensuring we offer opportunities to all regions of the world and time zones. We are also working on exciting local and exclusive opportunities for our members to connect.

Accessibility and Diversity
We strive to ensure all video content is captioned, where possible. We are selecting colors which are accessible to see and readable fonts. We offer free and paid membership levels. Most importantly, we are consciously inclusive to ensure we have diverse voices and experiences represented in our content. We are open to articles, blogs, videos, and content submissions to all who wish to contribute to the greater community.

Growth and Exposure
We want to grow with our community, so we focus on your career and helping you achieve the skills you need. We will create the courses and the resources you need to take your career to the next level. We are also keen on helping our members get the opportunity to have the stage, share their work and experiences and build their brand.

Plans for 2024

While we have lots in store and some ambitious plans for 2024, we wanted to give you a small taste. Our programming will include:

• Six virtual mini-events of the likes you have never seen! (2 time slots to be time zone friendly)
• Up to 8 new research-based topics and in-depth reports exclusive to members
• Regular super-drops include on-demand videos, eBooks, templates, courses, and more!
• Hosted Senior Leader dinners in an intimate setting with similar-minded members of CLI
• On-demand training and courses in marketing, community, success, customer experience, and events.
• Social groups and roundtables to connect and network.
• And more! Shhh! Stay tuned for our exclusive C Suite club to be announced within CLI!

Special Offer

All of this is included in one price of $499 per year. However, as we sunset our early bird pricing, we offer you an opportunity to lock in 3 years of full membership at $375 total, not per year. This offer ends December 24th, 2023.

So, act fast! Sign-up now!