PeerBoard’s guide hits several of the most important aspects of community building and includes the fundamentals you need to know to start building your own. The guide also contains valuable insight for those trying to grow, maintain, or boost existing communities. It is organized into nine sections: What is an Online Community, Benefits of Building an Online Community, Types of Online Communities, Community Vs. Audience, Strategies for Building a Community from Scratch, How to Grow an existing Community, How to Keep Your Online Community Members Engaged, How to Manage an Online Community, and Case Studies. 

The real meat of the article starts at the ‘Strategies for Building a Community from Scratch’ section. This is where the actionable advice begins, with each section from there on including steps and strategies to implement regarding a specific goal. You can sort through the sections and read what applies, or you can soak up all the insight the article has to offer by following this link: