Welcome back to another CLI weekly roundup! Here’s what we covered:

CLI’s Gone Free!

Very exciting news: we have removed our Premium Membership option and have made all the content in our library accessible with a free MyCLI account.

We’ve chosen to make this change because we recognize how important education is and believe that it should be accessible to everybody at no cost.

Now you can explore the community’s content at no cost and no barriers!

With that being said, we are transitioning to a 100% sponsorship model, so if you or your company are interested in partnering with CLI, please reach out to us! You can learn more about Partnerships here.

MyCLI Match Event on May 23rd

We also hosted our third ever Match event this week and it was the biggest one yet! Everyone had a great time meeting new people and connecting with old friends.

Summer Events Are Underway

We have lot’s more events coming up throughout the summer

  • June’s Social Hour – June 6
  • CLIX June – June 18
  • CLI’s Summer Bash – July 23rd in Alexandria, VA

You can learn about all of them on our events page here.

That’s all for now folks! See you again next week 👋

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