Welcome to another weekly roundup! Here’s what we covered…

Event Swag Report Release

Last week, we released our first research piece of 2024, about Event Swag. The report was preliminarily released to anyone who filled out our research survey for this report. The report will be available to MyCLI Premium members in our next superdrop coming soon (👀).

Access the Swag Report here.

Trade Show Marketing Course

We released two parts of a four part series on Trade Show Marketing, taught by CLI’s President, Bill McGlade. The first part is available to all MyCLI members, where the rest of the series will be available with a Premium membership only.

You can view the courses here.

Sign Up to CLIX Feb

Lastly, we’re less than two weeks away from our next flagship event, CLIX Feb! With six sessions, and seven awesome speakers, this is an event you definitely do not want to miss, so make sure you register here.

That’s all for now! See you next week ✌️

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