Welcome to our first ever Weekly Roundup! Although, since we’re starting in February, we figured we’d do a summary of what CLI got up to in January.

Community Platform Switch

To start us off, we relaunched our community on a new platform! Shoutout to gradual.com.

New Year, New Budgets

In honor of the new year, we released a New Year Budgeting Kit to help you with all your budget needs. And part two will be coming out shortly.

CMAD Celebrations

We celebrated CMAD (Community Manager Appreciation Day) with a two-week LinkedIn campaign, spotlighting different members in our community for all their hard work and achievements in 2023.

PS: If you don’t already follow us on LinkedIn, check us out here to keep up to date with our latest and greatest.

On the day of CMAD, we gave 24-hr access to a bunch of our most wanted premium content, to the entire community. The CMAD bundle is still available here, with a premium membership.

MyCLI Match Event

We had our first ever 1:1 MyCLI Match event. It was so well-liked, we’ll be doing another one soon. Keep up to date on all of our events here.

Sign Up to CLIX Feb

Last but not least, we’ve been going hard on prepping for our upcoming flagship event, CLIX Feb. We have an incredible lineup of six speakers plus tons of opportunities for networking. Make sure you register here.

That sums up January. What a full month, and it’s only month one of the year! We can’t wait to share more as the year continues to go by.

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