Kim Johnson, Head of Community at Geneva and former Community leader for Glossier, shares her thoughts on building a community-first product. It’s a short article, and her thoughts boil down to three things: 

Get to know your people-understand what matters to them and how they relate to you and other people so you can build something that “meets people where they are instead of asking them to meet you.” 

Invest in the behind-the-scenes-ensure that you have the infrastructure to continue to build and manage relationships. 

Take your time-Community cannot be built in a day, you must start with a foundation that you continue to nurture and build as you go. 

Her initial thoughts are brief, but Johnson provides much more community-building wisdom in the comment threads where she answers a wide range of questions from readers. To hear more thoughts from an experienced community leader (on topics like events, community platforms, and fostering feelings of safety and inclusion), follow the link below and browse through the discussion threads.

Read the article here.